"In The End, Alright"

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

During these very raw times, I have had every emotion dripping from my brow.

I wasn't sure it was safe to feel defeated or uneasy when I knew that other people were clearly experiencing worse conditions than I.

Somehow, we are conditioned not to "feel" every emotion as it come up, but to digest portions of yourself and discard the parts of you that seem to say you're feeling sorry for yourself. In actuality, we are all dealing with the COVID crisis, racial injustices, trans issues, social and economic decline as best as we can. I remember thinking in the beginning that I wasn't doing "enough" to assist. Feeling as if my thoughts and posts were not enough to make a dent in the seemingly, non-redemptive evil that had permeated the red, white and blue veins of many. We appeared to be drowning, and in most ways have stopped kicking and started to lose consciousness. I'm sure that things will probably get worse before they get better, but what I also know is that there's a shift that's happened. More people are opting to believe in the audacity of hope. It was this thinking that finally allowed me to see where I fit into the equation. As an artist, what we do best is create. We create a protective shield around the world so that for a short amount of time you feel seen, heard, loved, or healed and in some cases, it is not just the suspension of belief, but the feeling is a launching pad to change.

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