"Social" Distancing

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

When you think about it, when you're in the best of moods, where are you and who are you with?

Even if you condition yourself to feel peace within your home, and are surrounded by positivity, where are you when it all goes awry?

For a lot of us, it's social media.

I can wake up, pour myself a smoothie, or a cuppa coffee, depending on how I'm feeling when I wake up, take a long shower, and prepare myself for my day lathered in my favorite lotion and essential oils, but as soon as I turn to social media, something steals my peace. If just for a moment.

There was a time when social media was a means of escaping the nonsense within my psyche. It was a way of calming my brain. Scrolling. Now, I feel that everyone is a guru at something. A therapist. A fashion icon. A comedian. A relationship expert. A damn chef. Right? lol.

It feels like in quarantine, since we are now, more than ever, forced to get our stimulations via the net, we are spoon-fed a lot more than we are capable of digesting.

The need to unplug has become a resounding bell and I have even forced myself to have more conscious convos before touching my phone for the day, just so I can brace myself for the latest news or the memes that pierce straight through me because it resonates so loudly with what I couldn't properly articulate.


I decided to take more of a "social media break" just so that I could remember how I TRULY feel about life. I think more than ever, we read our feelings vs experiencing them. I've found myself copy-pasting more than typing my own truth, and I don't like it. The need to pull back has become more fragrant now that we are living in a very dismal racial, political, and social society. I've never seen people be more radical about self expression, and less empathetic. Political correctness has been replaced with jarring verbal shots and viral expletives meant to garner likes in lieu of understanding. I often wonder where we are headed. We are erasing human connection along with human decency. Again, I ask...where are we headed?

While in quarantine I've seen a lot of us try to focus more on the positive side. At least that's who I tend to follow, but when I speak to my friends or associates the collective sigh can be heard before the first "hello". I think we are all spiritually walking with our eyes closed, feeling for the exit and hoping that 2020 will amputate itself before we exclaim "Happy New Year!"

In the meantime, I do believe that social distancing is not just for taking 6ft apart from the person at the grocery store, but also for our emotional and mental wellbeing. Social (media) distancing has taken a couple of tries for me to get it right. More than ever, it's easy to jump in on a "beef" if you're not careful. To attach ourselves to personal posts that have nothing to do with us and are simple 10 key strokes of opinion. When you start to feel your emotional attachment to that which is negative, "shit stirring" or just plain "none of your business" just take a collective breath, stand back 6 feet from your computer or phone, and remember the energy that you'd give this in person, which, more than likely is "none".

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