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Aug 19, 2020
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I'll start off...During this time in quarantine, I have learned that I am very much a recluse, and I always think I have been. It has never taken much for me to be happy, nor survive, so living in seclusion doesn't change my world much. Another thing I learned is that when I'm forced into a corner I come out swinging harder. In this quarantine I think I have had every imaginable emotion come up. Seriously, there was angst, grief, hopelessness, hopeFULness, joy, trauma...which I think we are all still in the thick of, amusement, self love, self loathing, anger, selflessness, selfISHness...and they have all been necessary to my growth in this time. Figuring it out has been the hardest and yet rewarding thing I've had to do. The unknown mixed with the fighter spirit has been an interesting cluster of moods on certain days. I don't know if you noticed the tag line of my page, but it's "grow, no matter what soil you are put in" and I truly live by that. We must use the SHIT we are given to grow, in spite of what it may look or feel like at that time. I have never been put in a position to heal or grow and it was completely comfortable. It is sitting in the mess and even taking a moment to wiggle in it that we find resolutions. RIGHT? LOL...Enough shit talking....what's been your take away? Did you find out anything interesting about yourself?
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Nyce Thoughts

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